Civic Participation

For the HWC, Civic Participation means: Training and information dissemination on federal and state laws related to workplace, family, voting rights and immigration. Since the political climate is ever-changing, it is important to keep workers and leaders informed in what is going on with the community.

The HWC also has trainings on the following subjects:

Gender Equality

Right to Vote

Immigration and assistance with related issues


What the HWC is doing?

The HWC has been an active participant in this year’s Nebraska Legislation.  The staff has participated by attending hearings in Lincoln, writing letters of support, and testifying for bills that will benefit our community.  To see what bills are being discussed in this Legislative session click here.

¿Que estamos haciendo en el HWC?

Este año el HWC ha participado en la Legislación de Nebraska. El personal del HWC ha estado en audiencias en Lincoln, ha escrito cartas, y ha testificado para apoyar propuestas que beneficiarían a nuestra comunidad. Para ver más información de las propuestas de ley que se están discutiendo en esta sesión Legislativa, presione aqui.

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