Vote For Your Family


The Heartland Workers Center (HWC) works predominately with Latino/a workers in the construction, meatpacking, cleaning, and restaurant industries, educating them on their rights and training them to become leaders in the workplace and their communities. It also aims at increasing the civic participation of the Latino/a community to address the issues affecting it, such as immigration and the Latino vote. In the 2008 Presidential Elections, record numbers of voters went to the polls to cast their ballots. Many voters were from populations who have traditionally had low-levels of voter turnout, particularly the Latino communities. The faces of Latinos/as at the polls have become much more apparent over the last 20 years, as the population has increased and more are becoming eligible to vote.

Since the 1990s, the Latino/a population in Nebraska have become the largest growing minority group. As the population increased, many became eligible to vote. However, potential voters do not count if they do not actually GO OUT AND VOTE. The low-voter turnout for many Latinos/as is due to the fact they do not understand how the political system works. Still, others do not know who the candidates are or their agendas, opting not to vote rather than to vote for someone who could negatively impact their communities. Therefore, the HWC hopes to move from a culture of political indifference to one of active engagement and participation in civic life. “VOTE FOR YOUR FAMILY” Initiative.

Nebraska Voter Registration English form
Forma de Registro Para Votantes de Nebraska
Nebraska Early Voting Ballot Application
Forma de Voto Anticipado de Nebraska 

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