Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of Latino/a immigrant workers by promoting leadership development, workers’ rights, and civic engagement through legal information sharing, training and organizing.


Our Vision

The Heartland Workers Center is dedicated to helping build a community that works for all across the Midwest.

We envision becoming a recognized and self-sustaining organization that provides leadership training to immigrants and workers.

Our golden rule is “Do not do for others what they can do for themselves.” This rule is fundamental to our ability to develop leaders who are capable of promoting, protecting, and defending their rights.


Our Values

Equal Rights

Cultural Respect

Social Justice



Our History

After listening to workers in the meatpacking, construction, restaurant and cleaning industries share stories of injustices they were experiencing at work and in their neighborhoods, Sergio Sosa envisioned an organization that would help unite these community members, harnessing their collective power to make change.

This organization’s mission would be guided by a model of organizing based on identifying, training and developing leaders; promoting and advocating for workers rights; and developing effective methods of participating in the civic society.

In collaboration with Latino/a workers, social and faith institutions and hometown associations, Sosa brought his vision to life in 2009, incorporating the Heartland Workers Center. In 2010, the Heartland Workers Center received its nonprofit status.


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