HWC to Celebrate its Three-Year Anniversary

On January 23, 2012, the HWC will celebrate its three-year anniversary, having been officially incorporated in Nebraska in 2009.  Our mission over the last three years has been To improve the quality of live of Latino/a immigrant workers by promoting leadership development, workers’ rights, and civic engagement through information sharing, training and organizing. As the HWC reflects upon the last three years, we realize we have much to be proud of regarding the accomplishments we have made.

-Moved into our own office space (July 2010), -Received recognition and funding from local foundations (Mammel Foundation, the Sherwood Foundation, the Omaha Community Foundation, and the Iowa West -Foundation) -Hosted NALACC’s Annual Leadership Assembly (November 2011) -Built relationships with a variety of organizational leaders, government agencies, and public officials -Offered a variety of trainings on worker rights and leadership development, as well as analyses on the current political, economic and immigration situations.

As we enter our fourth year, our mission remains the same, but with very concrete goals in mind:

-Through the development of potential leaders, the Council of Workers will begin to form, composed of workers from the meatpacking, restaurant, cleaning, and construction industries -Begin to develop the HWC Training Institute -Increase Civic Participation within the Latino/a community through increased collective efforts with Allied Latino Organizations (OLA for its name in Spanish) and the push for the Latino Vote through a Get-Out-The-Vote Campaign.

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