LB 239 First Controversial Bill of the 2012 Legislative Session is back as a Priority Bill.

On February 16, 2012, Senator Ken Schilz from District 47 designated LB239 as his priority bill.  LB 239 was the first controversial bill of the 2012 Legislative Session.  It would require all Nebraskans show a government issued photo ID to be able to vote.  A valid ID must have the persons current address (where s/he resides).  This bill will affect about 30,000 Nebraskan’s; the majority of college students, low income and elderly voters. On Tuesday, February 21, the Nebraskans for Civic Reform scheduled a Lobby Day and Press Conference.   Senator Charlie Janssen from District 15 said that this bill would reduce voter fraud, increase voter turnout and its only for those who vote at an official polling place.  Janssen’s opponents of the bill say the cost will be an extra burden to tax payers and starting that voting as a constitutional right, should be free of cost.