The Heartland Workers Center organizes its third 10-­‐hour OSHA training for Construction Workers

On April 15, the Heartland Workers Center began its third 10-­‐hour OSHA training for Construction Workers in less than two years. The success of these trainings has been the result of building relationships with workers who find it necessary to have knowledge OSHA, not only protect them selves and their workers, but also to avoid hefty OSHA fines which result in violating the law. Like many Hispanic construction workers in the Omaha-­‐metropolitan area, the majority of the 16 workers present work in residential construction. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this group of workers in Nebraska experiences a high incident rate of injury; there were 11.6 recordable cases for every 100 equivalent full-­‐ time workers in 2010. This is almost twice as high compared to other trades within construction. For the first time, this year’s training was conducted by the HWC organizers, Jesamari Hernandez and Abbie Kretz.

Recently, the completed the two courses necessary to become authorized OSHA trainers in the Construction industry. Miguel Cervantes, a seasoned trainer with the Carpenter’s Union, was also present to provide support and expertise throughout the training.

The training concluded on Sunday, April 22.