The Heartland Workers Center kicks off its project, "I vote for my family," to promote civic education and participation.


Omaha, NE - With only 42 days left before the 2012 General Elections, the Heartland Workers Center (HWC) is in full swing to promote civic education and participation within the Latino/a community.  In order to increase voter turnout within the South Omaha community, the HWC will be using various tactics:

* MEDIA and COMMUNICATION:  Recently, the HWC recorded a video around the project, I vote for my family.  The video features various members of the community stating their reason for voting in the upcoming election.  It is available on YouTube at  Be sure to share the link with your friends and family.

* PHONE BANK:  Starting tonight, September 24, volunteers will be calling 8,000 Latino/a registered voters within South Omaha.  The purpose of these phone calls are to ensure all received their voter information card, as well as to see how they will be voting this year, whether it be by mail or at the polling places.  Volunteers will continue with the phone bank, calling the week of October 15 and one week before the elections to ensure all voters VOTE.

* CANVASSING:  Another strategy to encourage voters to vote is by going door-to-door and personally talking with them.  By going in pairs, volunteers will distribute information about the electoral process, candidate profiles, and voter rights.  Volunteers will be canvassing Sundays starting in October, focusing specifically on six precincts in South Omaha with low-voter turnout.

Want to help get voters?  Volunteer with the Heartland Workers Center!  Call today at 402.933.6095.

There are various ways you can help with the “I vote for my family” project.  You can volunteer:


-Phone bank


-Giving rides to the polls



-Water / Soda / Juice