The Heartland Workers Center strengthens its “I VOTE FOR MY FAMILY PROJECT”

With only 39 days left before the 2012 General Elections, the Heartland Workers Center (HWC)’s project, I VOTE FOR MY FAMILY, is in full swing. The HWC’s goal is to reach out to the 7,000 registered voters from South Omaha who have never voted. “We hope to get all 7,000 voters or half of them to the polls on November 6,” said Sergio Sosa, Executive Director of the Heartland Workers Center.However, this project is only the first initiative of a greater vision to promote active civic participation. In other words, the project goes beyond election cycles, which is where the majority of civic participation is concentrated. “We are citizen’s every day, not just every four years,” said Julio Gonzalez, HWC Board member. Active citizenship is necessary as we work to address community issues and to build a community that works for all. The HWC will be using four strategies to get voters to the polls for November 6: phone bank, education and information, media and communication, and door-to- door visits. To date, the HWC has:

1. Produced a video in Spanish, entitled “I VOTE FOR MY FAMILY,” (VOTO POR MI FAMILIA) that encompasses the various roles of Latinos/as (mothers, workers,  professionals) and why it is important for them to vote. The video is available on YouTube at

2. In the first three days of phone banking, starting September 24, more than 2,700 registered voters in South Omaha were called. The purpose was to ensure they received their yellow Voter Information card, answer any questions they had about Early Voting, and begin to motivate them for the upcoming elections.

3. Beginning on Sunday, October 14, volunteers will begin to go door-to-door to talk with people about voting and distribute non-partisan education material about the elections, such as candidate profiles and voter rights, and answer any questions they may have.

If you want to VOLUNTEER or DONATE to the “I VOTE FOR MY FAMILY PROJECT” contact us by phone at (402)933-6095 or email us at