HWC Continues its I Vote for My Family Project

On Monday, September 9, the Heartland Workers Center (HWC), together with Justice for Our Neighbors, DREAMers Project Coalition, and small business owners, met with Nebraska Gubernatorial candidate Chuck Hassebrook. The purpose of the meeting was to meet Mr. Hassebrook, former Executive Director for the Center for Rural Affairs and Regent with the University of Nebraska system, why he is running, and for him to meet some members of the community. At the meeting, he shared his three priorities he would work on if elected governor of Nebraska: 1. Provide publically funded early childhood education to all preschool aged kids; 2. Promote small business development through increased access to capital and business training, and 3. Create One Nebraska that is open to all, including immigrants. To this last statement, he stated that he would immediately reverse the Governor Dave Heineman’s decision to not provide driver’s licenses to young immigrants who qualified for temporary relief through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This meeting was part of the HWC’s efforts to engage and train Latino/a leaders for public life through its I Vote for My Family project. Mr. Hassebrook is one of two Democratic candidates running for governor in 2014. On the Republican ticket, there are currently five names on the ticket. All seven candidates are vying for Governor Heineman’s seat, whose term will end due to term limits.