Immigrant Families and Immigration Reform Supporters Highlight Devastating Local Impact of Deportations Ahead of Major National Mobilization

press release logo copyAs more than 60 cities around the country prepare for the October 5 Day of Dignity and Respect, immigrant leaders highlight the terrible suffering caused by deportations and detentions. Omaha, NE – Beginning October 5, immigrant communities in the United States, along with faith, labor, and civil rights groups, will join in marches and rallies in over 60 cities across our nation, calling for Congress to pass immigration reform that includes a clear and direct path to citizenship.

In the context of this effort, the Heartland Workers Center (HWC), through its membership with the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC), calls on elected officials, including the Obama Administration, to end destructive and indiscriminate policies, such as excessive deportation and detention, that separate families and devastate our communities. We also highlight the need to stop wasting our public resources on the militarization of the border and detention centers.

“For us, this is personal,” explained Gabriella Cardenas, HWC Board Treasurer. “Deportations tear apart our families and our communities every single day. For this reason, we urge the Obama Administration to put an immediate stop to deporting mothers, fathers, and children, whose only infraction to the law has been residing in the U.S. with an immigrant visa” added Cardenas.

“Immigrant communities will come out as strongly as we can in October, not only to push for immigration reform that is just and respectful of our dignity, but because we are prepared for the long haul,” stated Sergio Sosa, HWC Executive Director. “We will keep actively demanding respect and dignity for our communities, beyond what we may be able to achieve this year, legislatively-speaking,” continued Sosa.

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