Don Walton: State senators find more pathways


"Voter participation in South Omaha this month increased by 26 percent over participation in the 2010 mid-term election. That dramatic increase followed an organized effort by the Heartland Workers Center on South 24th Street in the Hispanic heart of South Omaha.

A voter registration drive, door-to-door contact, an organized phone campaign and voter workshops all helped increase the South Omaha vote from 6,464 in 2010 to 8,147 in 2014.

They called it the "I Vote for my Family Project" and it was successful.

"A 26 percent increase in voter turnout is a step in the right direction," said Heartland Workers Center Executive Director Sergio Sosa.

"But we must continue organizing ourselves to build power -- power that will change how others see us and how public officials interact with us."

"Change is looming for South Omaha," the center says."

By Don Walton, Lincoln Journal Star

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