HWC and Nebraska Appleseed statement on Lawsuit against President’s Administrative Relief

When President Obama announced his Administrative Relief on immigration - which will allow nearly 5 million aspiring citizens to come forward, undergo background checks, obtain a temporary work permit, and continue contributing state and federal taxes - Texas Attorney General and Governor-Elect Greg Abbott immediately filed a lawsuit against the action.

Since then, 24 other states, including Nebraska, have joined the suit, requesting an injunction that could disrupt and delay the start dates of the expanded deferred action programs for eligible Dreamers and parents of US-citizen children. A federal court in Texas will hold a hearing today on the lawsuit, which scholars note have serious constitutional problems.

Nebraska Appleseed Immigrants & Communities Director Darcy Tromanhauser and Heartland Workers Center Executive Director Sergio Sosa released the following statements in response to today’s hearing:

“President Obama’s administrative relief on immigration is widely recognized as following federal law, precedent, and long-standing practice. It is a small step in the right direction for Nebraska families as we continue to wait for Congress to fix our antiquated immigration laws in the new year,” Tromanhauser said. “The decision of our previous Governor and Attorney General to participate in this lawsuit is a waste of Nebraska taxpayers’ dollars and results in nothing productive for Nebraska communities and families.

“We look forward to working with Nebraska’s newly elected Governor and Attorney General on policies that keep our state’s families united, leading to stronger communities where everyone can thrive.”

“Our organization works with many immigrant Nebraskans and families who work hard, pay taxes, and contribute to our communities in so many ways,” Sosa said. “We live and work together as neighbors. It’s time to move forward with policies that support that.”

More than 100+ constitutional law experts and legal scholars agree that the President properly used his legal authority to begin to address our country’s out-of-date immigration system. The Office of Legal Counsel released a comprehensive memorandum to explain the actions’ legal underpinnings. The President’s action directs the Department of Homeland Security to focus its limited enforcement resources on serious criminals instead of parents of U.S. citizen children, or young immigrants who attend or graduated from high school or a GED program in the United States.

Instead of supporting the President’s policy, which would boost Nebraska’s tax revenue by an estimated $16 million over five years, this lawsuit could cause expensive fiscal strain on our state with a high human cost of more broken families. That is not a Nebraska value.

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