The Heartland Workers Center commends vote to advance DACA drivers’ license bill LB 623

OMAHA – The Heartland Workers Center (HWC) commends members of the Nebraska Legislature’s Transportation and Telecommunications Committee for voting LB 623 out of committee today.

This action is the first crucial step to ensure Nebraska’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients can obtain drivers’ licenses in the state, and thus reversing former Governor Dave Heineman’s policy of denying them licenses.

The HWC would like to thank Senator Jeremy Nordquist for introducing the bill, Senator John McCollister for prioritizing the bill, and the 23 other state senators who become co-sponsors of the bill, as well as Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert for sending a letter to the committee in support of the bill. Their joint efforts helped ensure the passing of the bill by showing that the issue is not associated with either party, but a good policy for Nebraska.

Lastly, the HWC applauds the works of Nebraska youth, parents, community members and organizations on this bill. It was through their collective work at meetings with elected officials and through phone calls and letters over the last seven months that this bill has come out of committee.


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