Three ex-employees from the Greater Omaha Meat Packing Plant are able to return to work after being wrongfully terminated


August 11, 2015-

Jorge Degante, Susana Salgado y Carlos Zamora, ex co-workers from the Greater Omaha Meat Packing Plant, talk about how they were wrongfully terminated three years ago. SALGADO: “Well, yes it feels horrible, right, because I had been working there for two years, and the truth is, well, one as a person feels horrible… more than anything oneself lives off their job. The layoffs were an intention from the organizers to create a change in their workplace, where they said they were being abused. ZAMORA: “They tried to force us in working harder and the chain was faster and sometimes personal was short” DEGANTE: “But I think that there is always someone that gets tired of all the injustice” That is why Degante and his coworkers united there strength and looked for help at the Heartland Workers Center and little time after that they presented their case in front of a (an NLRB) judge. ABBIE KRETZ: “From there the judge made a decision in favor of the workers, saying that they had been laid off unjustly. The company appealed and on March 2014, the NLRB, which was a meeting with five members made a decision again in favor of the workers, and again the company appealed. Then on June 22nd of this year, the 8th court district of appeals took another decision in favor of the workers saying that they had been laid off unjustly.” YANIRA: “Today, the workers feel victorious. The judge dictated that Greater Omaha needs to return them there employment (to the same position, same pay, and same seniority) reconcile them for the time they were without a job and to let them implement their rights in organizing themselves if they wish too. From another part, I fit to mention that I tried to communicate myself with someone from the company but no was able to take my call.” YANIRA: “Now that you have the possibility to getting your job back, are you reconsidering taking the job once again?” SALGADO: “Well I think, yes because I will say it once again, it was not my fault in what happened and this all seemed injustice that they had laid me off.” Degante will possibly return to work as well but Zamora says that he will not. But this is something that the three of them will keep doing is to continue in defending their rights. SALGADO: “I feel satisfied that we have won this case, right. Thank God, the lawyers, and the ones here at the Heartland Workers Center.” DEGANTE: “Because, I know that as workers, we have rights.”

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