Meet an Organizer - Loren

A “Roll Up Your Sleeves” Mentality

Meet Loren. His story continues a series sharing the purpose, passion and personal stories of our community organizers and leaders.

Despite others’ efforts to deter him, Loren followed his passion, pursuing an education in Black studies and going on to specialize in 20th Century Black history in Omaha.

Today, he applies his education and skills as an organizer, expanding connections with amazing neighborhood leaders and allies in North Omaha where he grew up.

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Loren takes a “roll up your sleeves” approach to getting to know his neighbors, what they care about and the differences they’d like to make in their community.

“We get out there, meet and talk with people, and support each other in getting together to make change happen,” he said. “It’s great to have your hands in something that is part of change, to be recognized. The citizens in North Omaha are realizing this can and is happening.”

Loren first connected with the Heartland Workers Center through his involvement with Black Votes Matter. He liked the Center’s approach to community engagement, from lobbying legislators to hosting the political convention, supporting Young Nebraskans in Action and meeting with city officials and local law enforcement.

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Looking ahead, Loren has more organizing in his future, and even more community members engaged in shaping their destinies.

“If this happens, it doesn’t matter if I’m here our not, the work continues,” he said.


HWC Staff