Meet Our Community Leaders - Laura and Matilda

We’d like to introduce Laura and Matilda. Their messages are part of a series of blog posts sharing the purpose, passion and personal stories of our community organizers and leaders.

We’re overwhelmed with gratitude to work alongside community leaders who inspire us everyday to speak out for our values - equal rights, cultural respect, social justice and solidarity.

Laura and Matilda are two of these amazing advocates who attended our recent political convention, representing their precincts and sharing their goals for next year, as well as some words of encouragement:

I live in Omaha and have two daughters and four grandchildren. I have learned that dreams can come true if we carry them in our hearts and in our minds. If each of us knocks on our neighbors’ doors, introduces ourselves and invites others to be a part of the change in our communities - our neighborhoods, our parks, our schools, our churches, our workplaces - we can make a difference today and for our descendents. Today, let’s make a commitment to work together to see the results of change in our community.

- Laura  

I am a member of the Latino Committee of Nebraska City, which we formed to support community participation among our city’s growing Latino population. Last year, we promoted Latino voter turnout for the presidential election. This year, our organizing grew even stronger. We held a forum for parents and young people to provide information and clarity around DACA and met with our local foundation to introduce ourselves and our work. Looking to next year, we have work yet to do, but we can’t do it alone. We must organize with more Latinos and engage with other organizations in our community - coming together to solve the problems we face. With that, I ask, are you with us?

 - Matilda

HWC Staff