Meet an Organizer - Samantha

Meet Samantha who shared some thoughts for our Q-and-A series about the purpose, passion and personal stories of our community organizers and leaders.

Q: What issues are closest to your heart?
A: I have a very strong interest in civic engagement. I’ve done a lot of canvassing with Heartland Workers Center and felt the real energy in our city during election season. Voting is important but it’s just one part of civic engagement. We must maintain contact with our elected officials once they’ve been elected.


Q: How do you see organizing changing communities?
A: We don’t do things that the community can do for themselves. We’re just facilitating the opportunity for people to come together and share how they are making changes in their community and discuss other improvements they want to make happen. It’s really about helping people use their leadership and realize how much power they have. Everyone is a change agent with a voice and power.


Q: What has surprised you about community organizing?
A: People’s ability to look forward is amazing. People don’t give up; they keep moving to help their community. People want to get to know their community. They keep asking, “What more can I do?”

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Q: What work of art inspires you?
A: I like reading poems. Although I have many favorites, one that is most relevant to the work I do is Lang Leav's "Her Time". It inspires me to unlock my potential and continue to grow as a person to affect change. I want other women and community leaders to feel inspired and empower themselves.


HWC Staff