Meet an Organizer – Lucia

Meet Lucia who shared some thoughts for our Q-and-A series about the purpose, passion and personal stories of our community organizers and leaders.

Q: What issues are closest to your heart?
A:  Me and a lot of my family members have worked in meatpacking plants. My mom would talk about her hands and muscles hurting her all the time, and it felt like people didn’t have a voice in their workplace. With my work, I’m seeing how supporting people to grow as leaders and be civically engaged can lead to changes in the workplace. It’s all connected.


Q: What are some of your favorite moments working with community members?
A: Two of my favorite moments were the legislature’s votes to allow Dreamers to obtain driver’s licenses and professional licenses. These bills were passed because community members from all generations and backgrounds know Dreamers are helping build a stronger Nebraska.


Q: What has surprised you about community organizing?
A: I’ve been surprised by the power of people’s stories. Sharing stories allows us to connect as humans and move past first impressions and even stereotypes.


Q: What work of art inspires you?
A: I love the poem “The Journey” by Mary Oliver. It resonates for me because of the personal journey I’ve been on since deciding to continue my education. One day I realized I could not try to make changes in the world unless I listened to myself and learning to act based on that. I learned that I had to take risks and be ready to lose some battles in order to win a war. Many of us are on a journey, facing battles of our own. However, at Heartland Workers Center, I have learned that the first revolution is internal, and this poem captures that for me.

HWC Staff