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We support individuals in advocating for improved labor laws and greater protections for workers.

We partner with labor and government agencies, and attorneys to develop education opportunities and resources for Latino/a workers. The workers we train, in turn, educate others, to promote and defend their rights.

Clara's Story

Clara took pride in her job, but on her way to work ever day she was overcome with anxiety. Her supervisor often startled her, not making his presence known when he dropped in to observe her, watching her as she bent forward to put down mats or pick up garbage. He often told her to change her routine, adding work for no apparent reason.

Clara approached her supervisor’s manager about the situation. Clara’s supervisor said he couldn't understand why Clara was given a job meant for a man. Shortly after, he filed an insubordination complaint against Clara, who had to assure HR she would listen to her supervisor and was able to do a job intended for a “stronger person.”

When Clara came to the Heartland Workers Center, she was confused about her job and didn’t know who to trust. Heartland Workers Center helped Clara write a letter to HR, and ultimately, file a charge against her employer for harassment and discrimination.

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