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Our country is strong because of our diversity, not in spite of it. Dreamers are our friends, neighbors, classmates and colleagues, and are contributing to our communities and local economies in numerous ways. They are opening businesses, pursuing higher education, starting families and helping towns across the state grow and thrive. They have gone through background checks, paid their fees and met several other requirements to become DACA recipients. Now they face an uncertain future. We must do everything we can to protect them.


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Meet Maria

“I have to be strong for my family,” said Maria, responding to the Trump administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) Program for Dreamers.

Maria is studying to become a teacher. With the end of the DACA program, she is finding it harder to remain positive, “living in a limbo” where her future is less certain.

Despite the uncertainty, Maria remains hopeful that a pathway to citizenship will be created for Dreamers like her, allowing them to pursue their goals.

“I still want to get my education and my teaching certificate, so I can give back to the community that raised me,” she said.


Meet Moises

Moises was 16 when DACA was announced. The program allowed him to find a part-time job while he attended high school. He soon became more involved in his school and community – and did so without fear.

With the Trump administration’s decision to end DACA, Moises future is uncertain. Moises and Nebraska’s 3,300 Dreamers need you to stand beside them.

“I would really encourage everyone to use their talents to to protect DACA,” he said.


It’s now up to Congress to take action on this critical issue and pass the Dream Act of 2017. The Dream Act is federal legislation that would provide DACA recipients and others who arrived in the United States as children a path to permanent lawful status and eventual citizenship. Contact Nebraska’s Congressional representatives now. Urge them to support the Dream Act of 2017.


Our Young Nebraskans in Action program continues to advocate for Dreamers and a more engaged, inclusive, and welcoming Nebraska for everyone who calls this great state home. Learn more here.